Networking Online with the SCA Commedia Community

One of the key ingredients to starting up or improving your commedia experience is networking with like-minded folks. For those folks in the SCA or looking to recreate commedia dell’ arte in the style of pre-1620 Europe, these resources will help you connect online with other commedia practitioners.


The SCA commedia group on Facebook:

The SCA commedia Yahoogroup (moderated): go to  and search for “SCA Commedia”   (There are a number of regular SCA commedia practitioners who are not on Facebook but do get email through this group.)


The following is a list of SCA Commedia troupes and their web pages and/or Facebook group pages. This list is actually in order of establishment as much as I am aware. Please let me know if you know differently or can add other SCA troupes to this list that I’m not aware of yet:

  1. i Sebastiani (Boston, MA)
  2. i Genesii (Pittsburgh, PA) (That’s the TinyURL for their Facebook group also available at this long link: )
  3. Golden Stag Players (San Francisco, CA)
  4. i Scandali (Cincinnati/Dayton, OH) (That’s the TinyURL for their Facebook group also available at this long link: )
  5. i Verdi Confusi (Cleveland/Columbus)
  6. i Firenzi (Raleigh, NC)
  7. Gli Zelanti (St. Louis, MO)
  8. Vagando Stolti (Baltimore, MD)
  9. i Zanni Illuminati (Philadelphia, PA)
  10. Le Mezze Luna (Albany, NY)
  11. Il Titolo Provvisorio (Pennsic Youth Commedia Graduates) (That’s the TinyURL for their Facebook group also available at this long link: )


There are other resources for supporting your commedia addiction *ahem* practice outside the SCA…. And remember much of the non-SCA production of commedia leans towards 17th and 18th century style of performance instead of 16th century which is what we study in the SCA. Learning the difference in styles depends a great deal on reading the literature, seeking out the imagery, and being very mindful of the publication dates. The bibliographies in the Compleat Anachronists #172 and #173 will help guide that study for you. Until you read all that, be mindful of the tendency for non-SCA commedia practitioners to be teaching post-SCA-period styles and enjoy the wide variety of artistic paths available to you. This is just a taste of the online resources available to you, and these are focused on connecting you with *PEOPLE*!  More to come on other literature and imagery sources.

  1. Commedia Unmasked – an Australian commedia professional conducts training with a commedia troupe, records it, and posts it up for free on Facebook!
  2. Antonio Fava – One of the most famous, talented, successful and enjoyable commedia professionals in the world is still teaching workshops worldwide:
  3. Commedia dell’ Arte Day – an international awareness holiday that celebrates Commedia dell’ Arte worldwide on February 25th . The Commedia dell’Arte Day is proclaimed by the Italian cultural association SAT as an action of the project in support of SAT’s appeal to the nation of Italy and to the United Nations (UNESCO) to recognize Commedia dell’Arte as an official piece of “Intangible Cultural Heritage”. One of our favorite commedia troupes in the US, Faction of Fools in Washington DC ( ) , has been organizing it.

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